Great Design is Critical to a Successful Startup

Great Design is Critical to a Successful Startup…

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You know that great design is critical to a successful startup. It differentiates your product, defines the experience, and creates passionate users and loyal customers. Yet, many teams today struggle with design. Designers are hard to hire, working with an agency is expensive and doesn’t transfer knowledge to the team. If you do have designers and developers working together, It’s challenging to bring UX methods into an agile process without creating a bottleneck and tensions in the team.

Lean UX is a way to solve these problems. It’s a deeply practical and collaborative way of working that recombines techniques and ideas from Agile, User Experience, and Customer Development. It’s a principled approach to successful startup products that makes the most of your team, increases measurable outcomes, and delights your customers. This adds up to good things for you and your investors.

With Lean UX, teams collaborate better, make faster decisions, and act decisively with more confidence.

Our Speaker: Lane Halley, Program Director LUXr: The Lean UX Company

Lane is is a product designer infused with entrepreneurial energy. As an agile coach and design consultant, she helps cross-functional teams understand their project domain, develop empathy with users, and engage in creative collaboration. Lane has worked for Microsoft, Mindscape (EA), Addamark (SenSage), Cooper, Liquidnet and Hot Studio on a variety of enterprise and consumer products. Lane has led LUXr programs in New York City and Chicago and she is a popular speaker on Lean UX and agile/ux integration.