Do Business like Steve Jobs – Are You an Artist or Fundamentalist?

There are two types of people in business. There is the artist and there is the fundamentalist. Which one are you? The artist has an air of self confidence. He has hope for the future and embraces natural evolution. The artist is not afraid to step outside conventional thinking and progresses every day towards his goal. No matter how little, the artist moves toward a better world. The fundamentalist, on the other hand, feels trapped. He really feels he has no power over the future. The fundamentalist is locked in a quest-less world of sameness and maintaining the status quo. The fundamentalist is desperate to return to the past because he cannot imagine the future. Can the fundamentalist change? Sure, but it's like being an alcoholic. The fact that you have recognized you are a fundamentalist it the first step. Starting today call a business person you admire and go to lunch. … [Read more...]